Adventure sports are an essential for thrill junkies as they release adrenaline and get your heart pumping. These are a sharp contrast to the mundane work life a lot of people have. This is why a lot of adventure destinations are now becoming popular amidst individuals of all age groups. These adventure activities are available at homestays, resort and majorly at adventure camps. The availability of the activities at any property depends upon weather conditions and season but regardless of the time of the year a favourite amongst all adventure lovers is the zip-line!

Zip-line is an activity where the individual is given protective gear and hooked into a pulley system. The pulley is attached to a place of higher elevation to lower elevation and away you go! The activity is just as exciting as it sounds. Over the years the safety component of the sport has become top class allowing us to have zip-line over dangerous and thrilling locations such as massive gorges and valleys at staggering heights. Another very popular variation of zip-line is to zip-line into a lake or water body. This combines the thrill of zip-line along with water sports as well. This activity is great for photographing and keeping as a memory. Any adventure camp with a water body can easily organise the activity and provide their guests with an awesome experience.

While zipline is a unique activity, kayaking is a contrasting activity with a focus on a more relaxed and calm enjoyment. Kayaking is a form of boating that is very close to the water and allows dynamic movement of the tower. Kayaking is a fun activity for small numbers of people or even lone travellers looking to absorb the water and the serene surroundings nearby. The boat and the tower become one with each other to move across the water and travel miles together. Kayaking in an adventure camp can either be the warm to an intense day or the relaxing end to one. The activity uses the arms extensively and is a good workout for the upper body. This gives the activity a fitness aspect as well.

Kayaking with two or more people is a very good way to have an isolated time together. Escape the locked land and free yourself just like the water. Karnataka’s many water bodies are an opportunity for kayaking activity amidst pure nature for a pleasurable time. Both of these activities are a must try for everyone as they are available many adventure camps near Bangalore!