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Water Sports

Lake swimming – The camp has a facility to swim in a lake with lifejackets. Ditch the boring and small swimming pools and claim an entire lake to yourself. Swim to your heart’s content in the amazing water body

Aqua wall climbing – climb an aqua wall without slipping, if you dare! And slide on into a lake. The thrilling experience is like no other and breaks the Read More

barriers of conventional water rides.
Water zip line – hang onto a zip line for 250 metres over water! Look down from the line and experience the magnificent water. You’ll never want the rope to end as you defy gravity and fly. 
Kayaking – kayak across the calm waters and enjoy an intimate experience with someone or just the water. 
Coracle paddling – Are you game for something even closer to the water than a kayak? We even have coracles, small round boats made of wickerwork. Nothing will give you a more authentic country water experience than this. 
Motor boat ride – Speed through the waters with a motor boat from the old camp to the new one. Cut through the water and feel the wind on your face as you jet across the lake!
  • Swimming in lake with life jacket fastened
  • Aqua Wall climbing with slide down to water in lake
  • 250 Mt’s water landing zip line.
  • Kayaking
  • Coracle paddling
  • Motor boat ride from new camp to old camp

Slush Games

Slush games: get messy with the slush games on camp! There are 10 different obstacles on the course that are an amazing experience. Enjoy a challenging spider net climb, a unique slide to slush, under net crawl, long jump over rope, hop running, dual rope walk, monkey crossing etc. that are Read More

sure to leave you out of breath and super muddy. Beware, this is may cause serious fun and laughter. If you want to take regular games to the next level, we even have volleyball, kabbadi and Tug of War in slush. 

  • 10 different Obstacle course in slush like spider net climb
  • slide to slush
  • under net crawl
  • long jump over rope
  • hop running
  • dual rope walk
  • monkey crossing etc
  • Volleyball, kabbaddi and Tug of war in slush


Rappelling: ever hung 60ft off the ground onto a single rope and harness? We have just the thing. Rappel across a height of 60ft over a thrilling deep cliff. Nothing will steal the air from your lungs as this amazingly scary rappel. If you can conquer this, any other challenge in life will feel pea sized! 


Climbing(Artificial wall and Net Climbing) : Gravity is always pulling us back to earth no matter how hard we jump or try to stay in the air. Defy it for the longest time as you climb an artificial wall 25 ft high or climb a spider net on the same dizzying height. Channel your inner athlete with these straining tasks and loosen up those muscles that sit at a desk all day.
  • 25ft artificial wall climbing
  • 25 ft spider net climbing

High Rope Course

High rope course: Conquer your fear of heights with this rope course set at a height of 25ft. Look down to the ground and try not to tremble as you complete the course. Meet the most unconventional ladder that is our horizontal ladder, place each foot with caution at the Burma loop, get into tarzan mode with the multi-vine, try the dangerous cross walk in the air and much more! We even have a deep bucket crossing and many other thrilling activities awaiting you and your brave hearts.
Read More
  • 10 different high rope adventure activities at the height of 25ft.
  • Horizontal ladder
  • Burma loop
  • Multivine
  • X walk,
  • Deep bucket crossing
  • Eebee zeebee
  • 150 ft Burma bridge over lake


Trekking: The camp offers a trek lasting about three hours in total that will leave you in awe. The destination is a centuries old cave called “siddara guhe” and Peak called “devara beta” that are both a stellar sight to see. The trek is a perfect meeting point for man and nature where ,man is tested against the terrain and only determination will let you overcome the challenge. 
Read More
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Indoor Sports

Indoor sports: We have a wide range of more tame and laid back indoor sports after a day of extreme thrills. Chill with the carrom board or outwit your friends in a game of chess. There’s even board games if you’re looking for some fun on a lazy afternoon. Pick up a bow and arrow and test your target skills!

  • Carrom
  • Chess
  • Various board games
  • Bow and arrow

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We are born of nature, making it our creator, our parent and nurturer. And nothing is as sweet as a mother’s embrace. Your stay away from the mundane shouldn’t be a different kind of mundane in a different setting.

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